Early Careers Teachers

A resource for early career teachers and alumni



The University of Brighton is incredibly proud of all that you have achieved throughout your teacher training and we want to continue to support the early career developments of our alumni across our school partnership. If you are about to graduate, are an Early Career Teacher, or a recently qualified teacher, either as a University of Brighton alumni or as a partnership school employee, we offer opportunities to support you through your first few years as an early career practitioner. Working in partnership with local authorities, school mentors, and our wider partners, we will help you build a successful career in the profession.

This blog aims to provide resources that will support you in overcoming the key challenges that many new teachers face in their first few years of working as a qualified teacher. We’ll help you with the next stage of your journey and offer support that will enable you to develop and thrive in your early career.

We feel passionate that further study should play an integral part in your career development. Our Education MA can enable you to critically explore a curriculum subject or particular aspect of pedagogy or a leadership focus.

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