Donor Research joins Upahaar and Partners at UK Parliament

Donor Research joins Upahaar and partners at UK Parliament

Gunnika and Simonne with their awards

In a momentous event during Organ Donation Week, the University of Brighton’s Donor Research team, represented by Simonne Weeks and student Gunnika, was honored with an award at the UK Parliament. This recognition celebrated their exceptional contributions to raising awareness about organ donation, particularly among South Asians. The event brought together key organisations and individuals, including Dr. Agimol Pradeep, Upahaar Network, Anthony Nolan, and DKMS UK, who are all making a significant impact in the field.

Simonne, Agimol and Gunnika


Inspiration from Honourable Seema Malhotra MP FRSA

The event was graced by the presence of Honourable Seema Malhotra MP FRSA, who inaugurated the gathering and delivered an inspiring speech. Her presence underscored the importance of the cause and served as a powerful motivator for all those present. Malhotra’s dedication to championing organ donation awareness and her commitment to the cause resonated with everyone in attendance.

Sharing Stories: Upahaar Volunteers, Donors, and Recipients

The event was a unique opportunity to hear firsthand from Upahaar volunteers, donors, and recipients. Their stories painted a vivid picture of the impact of organ and stem cell donation on individuals and families. These personal narratives touched the hearts of the audience and reinforced the importance of the ongoing awareness campaigns.

A Collaborative Effort

The event was attended by a dedicated team of 55 members from Upahaar, Donor Research, as well as representatives from DKMS and Anthony Nolan. Each member of this passionate group contributes their time and effort to promote the critical message of organ and stem cell donation. Their unwavering commitment to the cause, without expecting any material benefits, was truly commendable.

Celebrating a Special Day at a Prestigious Venue

Coming together at the UK Parliament, such an esteemed and historic venue, added to the significance of the occasion. It was a day of celebration, not just for the accomplishments of the honorees but also for the collective progress made in raising awareness about organ donation among South Asians and the wider community. It was great to have Aisha Chaudhry join us as she comments..

I had never met any Asian donors or recipients before. This was huge for me since I am writing a Memoir about my mother Annsa Sabiha Chaudhry’s fight for life and how as a South Asian family we grappled with knowing that were it not for the fact that she needed a kidney, she would have lived longer. This meeting reiterated the strong need for organ and stem cell donation amongst ethnic minorities, and how my Memoir – Family Matters was relevant now more than ever since the numbers of people waiting for organs, especially kidney’s, is rising. This message was echoed at the meeting by all those who attended.

You can pre-order Aisha’s memoir here: and read of her story here:

A Look Ahead: Building a Stronger Team with Anthony Nolan

As the event concluded, there was a sense of anticipation and excitement about the future. The Donor Research team looks forward to building a stronger partnership with Anthony Nolan and expanding their efforts to promote organ and stem cell donation awareness. Their dedication to the cause is unwavering, and they are committed to making a lasting impact.

Watch This Space!

The future holds great promise as these dedicated individuals and organisations continue their mission to save lives through organ and stem cell donation. Stay tuned for updates on their journey and initiatives to come.

In a world where the gift of life is the most precious, these champions of organ donation awareness are making a profound difference. Their work serves as a reminder that, together, we have the power to change lives and give hope to those in need.

We are so grateful to be part of this event that has honored at the UK Parliament for their outstanding contributions during Organ Donation Week.

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