Sara Kenney has worked as a writer/producer/director for 25+ years in TV and science engagement and more recently in comics and games. In 2011 she set up Wowbagger Productions to explore how collective working, art and storytelling can improve science & health outcomes for all. Sara is currently writing/ producing 2 x comics, a digital game (featuring a comic) and also works part-time at the Environment Agency as a ‘Senior Engagement Advisor’.

We are working with Sarah to create an exciting catalogue of comics that will raise awareness and tells the story about blood and organ donation especially for marginalised groups such as the Black and Asians.

Sarah Akinterinwa is an editorial illustrator, character designer, graphic designer, fine artist, and a New Yorker Magazine cartoonist. She is the creator and artist behind the Black-British cartoon Oyin and Kojo. She is based in London, UK. For more information:


We are proud to be in partnership with We Are Donors and support the Brighton Team who aim to increase the number of organ and blood donors across the UK through student led education through school outreach. For more information contact:

Meet our 2022 Quality Assurance in Practice Learning (QAPL) Placement Students

Name: Zeina Clare   

Second Year BSc Adult Nursing student.

I first saw the life changing effect of organ donation, working as an HCA in the Sussex Kidney Centre at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. Successful candidates for kidney transplant attended the centre peri and post transplant, and I would see them regularly. Successful transplants transformed our patients beyond imagination, and to share in their journey was very rewarding. As a second year adult nursing student at the University of Brighton, opening conversations with patients around the subject or donor-ship should be part of the degree curriculum in my eyes. It is so important to reach all members of society regardless of their religious beliefs or traditions that may have made donation unacceptable or inaccessible. I am looking forward to working with other students in this research along with the research team. 

Name: Jeneika Woodgate-Bruce

I am a year 2 adult nursing student. I have joined Brighton University Organ Donation Research Project for my last placement of the year! I look forward to gaining a better understanding on organ donation in particular the under representation of the Ethnic Minority community.

Meet our 2022 Learning Digital Partner

Name: Areej Al-Habsi

Areej is a second-year Media and Environmental Communication student from the School of Art and Media. She is an intern as part of University of Brighton’s Digital Learning Partners Initiative. This is a staff/student partnership project is supported by the university’s Information Services, and managed by the Learning and Teaching Hub.

Alumni Champions


Name: Estella Brown

I’m a third year Biomedical Science student at the University of Brighton and have been a part of the Donor Research Team since the end of my first year. My role began with designing events and social media posts to help people register an informed choice. It has now progressed to supporting other students with their introduction to research, contributing to a systematic review and presenting to other students in lectures and other research teams at conferences. I am currently working on my third year project, which assesses the change in attitudes and knowledge of Biomedical Science and Pharmacy students after having a lecture on organ donation. When I’m not in Brighton, I am a Healthcare Assistant in Cambridge on a cardiothoracic transplant ward.

Name: Kuba

Kuba is a versatile creative with a passion for storytelling and a knack for thinking outside the box. From painting on canvases to composing music, creating comics, and writing poetry, Kuba’s bubbly creativity knows no bounds. With a degree in creative writing and a forthcoming adventure as a parent, Kuba’s work is fueled by passion and a relentless drive to find innovative solutions. He always finds space for a personal touch.