Welcome to the University of Brighton’s Digital Literacies Framework

The Digital Literacies Framework is a route to reflecting on your digital skills and finding out about new technologies that you may need in your professional and personal life. Its Framework format sets out the University of Brighton’s expectations around digital literacies. There are two ‘faces’ to the Framework, one for academic staff, and one for students.

Logo for Digital Literacies Framework for Staff

Logo for student facing digital literacies framework










Being digitally literate means being capable of “living, learning and working in a digital society.” (JISC, 2013). It means being competent and confident with current technology, being capable of evaluating new technologies, and acquiring skills when they are needed.

Contact us for more information about the Digital Literacies Framework.

The Digital Literacies Framework was first launched in 2014, refreshed in 2016 with a student Framework added in 2018. It was one of the first Digital Literacy Frameworks to be created in higher education, and is being used as a role model in the creation of other University Digital Literacy and Capability schemes across the UK.


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