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Staff Digital Literacies Framework

 Welcome to the Staff Digital Literacies Framework

This Framework is aimed at academic staff and contains 20 digital literacies that have been organized into four categories to support you in the various aspects of an academic’s role. It is part of a series of resources for digital skills training provided by the University of Brighton.


Everyone needs to keep up to date with their digital skills, but in a fast changing technological world, these can quickly go out of date.


Being digitally literate is more than having the skills – it’s about knowing why, when and how to update them. At the University of Brighton this means being competent and confident with current technology, being capable of evaluating new technologies, and acquiring skills when they are needed.

The literacies are organized into four categories: Learning &Teaching, Communication & Collaboration, Research, and Administration.


Each of the digital literacies contains sections that explore the literacies and explain what it is and why it is important. Further information such as links to resources on the University webpages or skills training on Lynda.com are also included.

The Framework is there for all staff to explore the University of Brighton's expectations around digital literacies, and discover resources to gain or enhance their digital skills. New members of staff can start by checking with the Information Services pages to ensure that they are connected to the University's systems.


The Framework is particularly useful for staff undertaking continuing professional development such as the PGCert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, as the Checklist tool allows site visitors to confirm that they have the literacies.


The development of a student Digital Literacies Framework which links to the staff Framework means that staff can easily identify resources to support students in gaining particular literacies. The Digital Literacies Framework will continue to be updated so we would really like to get your feedback. Please email digitalliteraciesframework@brighton.ac.uk.


You'll see in the main menu at the top of this page links to both the staff and student categories. You'll also see the staff categories displayed below in a slideshow format.
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  • communication and collaboration

  • staff research

  • staff learning and teaching

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