Voting opens in the East Sussex Children’s Book Award

The shortlist for the 2020 East Sussex Children’s Book Award has been revealed. These awards are open to children aged 8 to 11. Families, community groups and schools are all invited to take part. The award aims to encourage reading for pleasure in years 5 and 6. Children can vote for their favourite book between now and the 11th May.

So what’s been shortlisted? Let’s take a look…


Storm Hound by Claire Fayers

Storm of Odin, the youngest storm hound of the Wild Hunt, is the protagonist of this story. He falls out of the sky and finds himself just outside Abergavenny. Based on myths and legends, but with a reality spin.


Wildspark by Vashti Hardy

A fiction fantasy novel. A secretive guild of inventors in the town of Medlock have developed a way to capture spirits of the dead in animal-like machines, bringing them back to life.


I Go Quiet by David Ouimet

The protagonist of this story is a young girl and the text is her words, which is an explanation of her thoughts and feelings as she experiences different situations. More suited to older readers, this is an unusual and creative book.


Guardians of the Wild Unicorns  by Lindsay Littleson

Lewis and Rhona stumble on the world’s last wild unicorns. They must find a way to save them from exploitation. This is an adventure thriller, with an underlying environmental message.


Our Castle by the Sea by Lucy Strange

This story is set on the southeast coast of England, just as the Second World War is beginning.  Incorporating English folklore and legend, we follow Pet’s journey of growth and change.


We Won an Island by Charlotte Lo

When Luna’s family win an island, she thinks that it will solve everything! However, things don’t go quite to plan. This story takes a look at depression in a suitable way for young children.


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