Goodbye from me

This will be my final post as author of the children’s literature blog as I am moving on from the University of Brighton. The vacant position should be advertised soon if anyone is interested in the role (look out for ‘Senior Learning Resources Assistant’ on the job pages).

For those of you working on your children’s literature bibliographies (CLB) over the summer, I can highly recommend the following online resources:

This blog – Take a look at our booklist page and the useful resources page

CLPE Corebooks – Comprehensive selection of high quality children’s books for ages 3-11

Bags of Booklists – Recommended books by age and topic

Booktrust – Themed booklists, books of the month, 100 best books

I have really enjoyed writing this blog and it has proved to be such an effective way of supporting you all with your studies and teaching practice. What a great group of students you’ve been! I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your studies and your teaching careers, and thank you for all the recommendations and the conversations I’ve had with you about children’s books. I’ve learned so much and continue to be inspired by you all.

Farewell and enjoy your well-deserved summer break,

Lucy Rowland

p.s. I’ll leave you with a few recommendations of new books I’ve enjoyed recently

Image result for nanette's baguette Image result for perfect day lane smith   Image result for roger mello you can't be too careful

Image result for a story like the wind gill lewis  Image result for the pavee and the buffer girl  Image result for where the world ends geraldine mccaughrean 

5 thoughts on “Goodbye from me

  1. All the best, Lucy. I have absolutely loved your blog and I can see that you are brilliant at your job. You’ve given me lots of ideas about promoting children’s books and I will really miss your posts. Big shoes to fill!

  2. Big shoes to fill indeed! Lucy you will be sorely missed and I want to thank you for all your knowledgeable enthusiasm and tireless interest over the years! Your blog has helped keep us all up to date and I have discovered some great texts from reading it. Have a great last day, all the best!

  3. Lucy, you have been a largely unsung hero for so many years. Such knowledge and enthusiasm – always a joy to share ideas with you! Take care and enjoy your adventures!

  4. Bon voyage, Lucy, and thanks for all the blogs. You will be much missed here, both professionally and personally.

    We would love to keep this blog going. We’re not sure how Lucy’s vacated post will pan out, but we usually give this blog a rest over the summer, so that will give us some time to plan. Hopefully, we will put together a few more posts in the run up to the end of the school year.

    All the best,
    Mandy – on behalf of what’s left of the Curriculum Centre team

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