Studio Lab is launched!

Creative Futures is delighted to announce that the joint School of Art, School of Media and Creative Futures funded Studio Lab project is now launched and ready to experience.

Louise Colbourne (course leader for MA Graphic Design at the University of Brighton) initiated and led the project with an objective to create an accessible ‘maker space’ within Virtual Reality environments.

This VR facility is run on a web-based platform, hosted on the Studio Lab website, where it can be easily accessed by viewers. The spaces created can be experienced on all types of devices via any browser on desktop/mobile or tablet. Navigating within the space is via the WASD keys on keyboards or by zooming-in on smart phones/tablets. For a fully immersive 3d VR experience use any VR headset [oculus quest/rift/htc vive/valve index] in your Headsets Browser of choice.

The first Virtual installation is The Grid, with Larry Achiampong & David Blandy showcasing selections from their video works- ‘A Terrible Fiction’ (2019) and ‘Finding Fanon 2’ (2015).

studio-LAB offers further-research students and staff at the University of Brighton the opportunity to use of the platform to develop their own projects including; exhibition design, 3D installations, images and text, moving image installation, 360 photography, photogrammetry, sound and live performance.

‘airTime by Judith Ricketts

‘airTime by Judith Ricketts

Due to the low barrier, accessible nature of the space, the project maker can bring invited visitors into their spaces for demonstrations, lectures, seminars and collaborative making and curating sessions on a variety of platforms from mobile phones to full VR rigs.

Our Machines by Elfyn Round

Our Machines by Elfyn Round


Please explore and enjoy the spaces, the website is undergoing some minor amends, but the spaces are free to visit.




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