Creative Futures draws out creativity in all discipline areas to co-create and nurture adventurous ideas for collaborative research and enterprise. 

In 2021 Creative Futures will generate an interdisciplinary art/science/technology hive of innovative thinking that promotes scientific understanding, and ignites applied collaborations. We aim to bring together technologists, scientists, makers, artists, and other practitioners who employ creative thinking in their projects, in order to support interdisciplinarity, public understanding of science, and student engagement with research.

Anyone who has experienced a sudden insight in the work they do is experiencing a creative process, and that is almost everyone. Though creative insights often start as a fragile ideas, with time, effort, and development they can become things of great impact.

Girl with world

Photo by Peter Lloyd

Through our initiatives and one-off events our aim is to promote interdisciplinary research, support research funding bids, enhance the University’s external profile, and create an excellent environment for research.¬†Building on our reputation for excellence in the Arts and Humanities, we work across all disciplines and with external partners to develop collaborative creative capacity.

Join us on our creative journey!

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