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In collaborative poetics artists, academic researchers and community participants work together as a ‘research collective’ to produce creative, social-scientifically informed texts. The method harnesses the skills and knowledge of all of these groups to produce innovative, creative pieces which enrich our understanding of social issues and the lived experience of these issues, helping communicate this new knowledge in engaging, accessible ways.

Collaborative poetics has been used to build critical resilience within communities, advocate for social justice, enhance knowledge/skill sharing between fields, and provide an innovative teaching tool.



Network Members (Past and Present):

Helen Johnson, University of Brighton

Polly Blake and Sandie Woods at a CP workshop

Isilda Almeida-Harvey, East Sussex County Council

Polly Blake, independent arts practitioner

Ali Brumfitt, independent arts practitioner, coach and consultant

Kerensa Bushell, University of Brighton

Jenny Fennessy, University of Brighton

Kate Fox, independent arts practitioner

Jess Moriarty, University of Brighton

David Norbury, Group Change Consulting

Carol Rivas, University College London

Katherine Wimpenny, Coventry University

Sandie Woods, London South Bank University

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