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Collaborative Poetics Resource Pack

CP resource development workshopWe have developed a collaborative poetics resource pack to be used by community groups/practitioners, artists and academics, with financial support from the Independent Social Research Foundation.  The pack contains guidance notes, activities, teaching materials, handouts, and other useful resources for carrying out participatory, arts-based research.

You can download a copy of the pack for free here: CP Resource pack.  We are also building up a collection of supporting audio-visual and other materials to go alongside the pack, which you can find towards the bottom of this page.

We would be very interested in any feedback you have about these resources.  Please share your thoughts, comments and examples, either using the Contributions section of this page or by emailing: h.f.johnson at

Audio Visual Materials:

Collaborative poetics resources

Click on the links below to view and download the materials you are interested in.

Writing Interview Schedules

Effective Interviewing

Thematic Analysis

Reflective Practice

Consultancy Packages

These resources are all freely available for you to use on your own initiative; however we are also able to provide consultancy packages to train groups in collaborative poetics, teach them to use the packs effectively and facilitate your collaborative arts-based research practice.  These packages are tailored to the individual.  If you would like to make an enquiry regarding a possible consultation, please contact Helen Johnson at:  You can also view our sample consultancy package here.

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