We are a society with a friendly, approachable and supportive committee looking to bring fun and science-related events! Got any concerns about your course? We’re here to help!
Meet new people, share your Science knowledge with others, get the opportunity to know the lecturers and other students. We’d love for you to join no matter what you’re studying! If you are a University of Brighton student (any course) and would like to join the society, the link is below:

Membership is £4 per person for the whole year! With the membership you can attend all our events, and any trips outside of University at a discounted rate! All events will be listed on the society webpage or our social media accounts:





Organising Committee
President – Karina Chan

Vice President Finance – Ellie Poynton

Vice President Social – Kieran Roberts

Next Event

First Event Friday 18th October 18:30-22:00 Gladstone pub BN2 3QB

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