PhD Studentship at UoB

An opportunity to undertake a funded PhD at the University of Brighton is now available. Details of the projct and how to apply are available at the UoB website

Reducing chaos and improving yield: an innovative approach to maximising the efficiency of biofuel production

Project in brief

Microbial fermentations (eg. those used in biofuel production) are often relatively inefficient. The products of the fermentation are often harmful to the microbes. In the case of ethanol (and other alcohols) this toxicity results from generalised effects on biomolecules and systems rather than specific inhibition of a single process. In this project, the student will test recently advocated hypotheses that propose that the reduction of chaotropic effects in fermentations will reduce energy use and increase the efficiency of the process.

Project supervisors

Lead: Prof David Timson
Second: Dr Marcus Dymond

Other collaborators

Dr John E Hallsworth – Queen’s University, Belfast

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