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Our key projects and activities at the Centre for Digital Cultures and Innovation

CDCI research and installation: Decorating with light

‘Decorating with Light’ is an engaging and revealing interactive installation that forms part of Dr Marcus Winter’s research in the field of human interaction with machine learning (ML). ‘I’m looking into people’s understanding of ML applications and how they react… Continue Reading →


matterBot is a research and development work-in-progress by Early Career Researcher (ECR) Judith Ricketts, working at the Centre for Digital Cultures and Innovation. Based on the chatbot aesthetic, MatterBot is an expansive, immersive digital application, that seeks to educate and… Continue Reading →

PhD Student Sijuade Yusuf describes her research ‘Using social media to build gender equality in Nigeria’

Facebook, story-telling and the struggle for gender equality in Nigeria PhD research student, Sijuade Yusuf, is investigating how the use of storytelling on Facebook is one of the tools being used to empower women and build gender equality in Nigeria…. Continue Reading →

Artist Caleb Madden describes his site-specific installation ‘Spectral Aesthetics’

Spectral Aesthetics: Old Ghosts in a New World Caleb Madden is an artist, lecturer, curator and noise theorist, in the final stages of completing his PhD with the Centre for Digital Cultures and Innovation (CDCI). Here he talks about his… Continue Reading →

PrEP: A new app that helps prevent HIV

After 8 years of lobbying and campaigning by HIV activist and advocacy organisations, PrEP became available in England in 2020. PrEP, or Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, is a medicine for people at risk of acquiring HIV from sex or injection drug use…. Continue Reading →

The EmERGE legacy: Digital healthcare support for HIV

Between 2015 and 2020 the Horizon 2020 funded EmERGE project co-designed, developed, implemented and evaluated an mHealth platform to support people living with HIV. The technology is now being used on a commercial, not-for-profit basis in the UK and in… Continue Reading →

All The World’s A Screen

We all know that the Covid pandemic has had an enormous impact on the performing arts, but we’re still learning how this has changed contemporary practices and what the future might hold in terms of creating engaging online performance. When… Continue Reading →

Artist Ada Hao describes her telematic performance art PhD

Ada Hao is a performance artist and researcher who is completing work on her PhD in digital art at the University of Brighton. In 2021 she created a work titled ‘The Best Facial’, which explored the connection between real-world physical… Continue Reading →

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