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Spotlight on research

A spotlight on the primary research we are undertaking at the Centre for Digital Cultures and Innovation.

Ryan Southall – Improving the Environmental Performance of Buildings

Dr Ryan Southall researches the environmental impact and performance of buildings, developing tools, techniques and processes to make buildings more energy efficient. He’s worked in the field for twenty-five years, beginning with research into energy efficient windows. His current research… Continue Reading →

Carl Bonner-Thompson – Living queer with data

Dr Carl Bonner Thompson is a senior lecturer, working in the field of feminist and queer geographies. His recent research has explored the role of data extracted from digital devices and how this affects the lives, emotions and experiences of… Continue Reading →

Dave Harley – Delving into the digital self

Cyberpsychology is something that impacts all of us, given that digital devices and our use of them is part of most areas of our lives. Dr Dave Harley has been studying the subject of Cyberpsychology for more than fifteen years,… Continue Reading →

Linda Tip – Migration, integration and well-being in a digital world

Linda Tip is a Principal Lecturer in Psychology whose research is centred around the psychological side of migration; in particular, the social welfare of refugees and asylum seekers. Most recently, Linda has been exploring the use of digital technologies in… Continue Reading →

Khuong Nguyen – Digital health for future pandemics

Dr Khuong An Nguyen joined the University of Brighton as a Lecturer in Computer Science in 2020. He is the winner of several awards – ‘Most outstanding Vietnamese Student in the UK 2014’, ‘Most Inspirational Lecturer of the Year 2021’,… Continue Reading →

Marcus Winter – Building a digital world that’s fit for humans

Marcus Winter has not followed a typical route to his current role in academia. A self-confessed university drop-out, he worked as a professional software developer and later ran his own business, before moving into research at the University of Brighton… Continue Reading →

CDCI research and installation: Decorating with light

‘Decorating with Light’ is an engaging and revealing interactive installation that forms part of Dr Marcus Winter’s research in the field of human interaction with machine learning (ML). ‘I’m looking into people’s understanding of ML applications and how they react… Continue Reading →

CDMC becomes Centre for Digital Cultures and Innovation (CDCI)

The Centre for Digital Media Cultures has changed its name to Centre for Digital Cultures and Innovation (CDCI). Our email address remains the same CORE-digital@brighton.ac.uk Our identity as a transdisciplinary group with research interests and expertise in processes of digitalization… Continue Reading →


matterBot is a research and development work-in-progress by Early Career Researcher (ECR) Judith Ricketts, working at the Centre for Digital Cultures and Innovation. Based on the chatbot aesthetic, MatterBot is an expansive, immersive digital application, that seeks to educate and… Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Judith Ricketts ECR with the Centre for Digital Cultures and Innovation

Judith Ricketts is an Early Career Researcher (ECR) who creates data-driven, screen-based art and technology for education and social change. She has a particular interest in researching data connected to the slave trade and Black History, which she analyses to… Continue Reading →

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