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Meet Kai Rahman the Centre’s newest PhD recruit


Studying at Brighton for my BEng and MSc in Civil Engineering broadened my knowledge of diverse disciplines, including geotechnical engineering, bridge design, and construction methods. However, the hydrological aspects were most impactful due to their direct relevance to the pressing environmental concerns from climate change. The practical significance of this field, both at the local and global level, piqued my interest and inspired me to delve deeper through further research. Consequently, I started my PhD in Civil Engineering in February 2023. My proposed project title is “The Effectiveness of Managed Realignment as a Coastal Flood Defence”. In this study, I intend to investigate the impact of site morphology and seasonal environmental changes on the spatial and temporal reduction of mean high water levels and wave energy. My research aims to enhance the assessment techniques of potential realignment sites for coastal flood defences, ultimately improving their overall effectiveness and longevity upon implementation

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Suzanne Armsden • March 30, 2023

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