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Santander Student Online Self-Development Programme

UniversitySantander Student Online Self-Development Programme of Brighton have been excited to take part in the Student Online Self-Development Programme by Santander Universities UK with Sporting Edge Digital Learning.

19 of our students, picked randomly from over 100 applicants, have been participating in this programme and the chance of winning a £10,000 Santander Development Grant.

Santander Universities partnered with Sporting Edge, who are a high-performance consultancy that blends powerful insights with proven psychology, to provide an online learning platform for students which focuses on performance themes including personal drive, learning mindset, confidence and many more – all using insights from experts in their field.

Students taking part have access to a huge library of insights until mid-March 2021. Once finishing each module, students had the opportunity to consolidate their learning and complete an online quiz. Once students completed their programme, the 4 students with the highest scores across all modules, and from all participating universities, won a Santander Development grant of £10,000 each to support the recipients with their professional and/or personal development.

Some of our participating students got in touch to tell us how the programme has helped them:

Elizabeth-Jane Pallett (studying within the School of Environment & Technology)

“Some personal anecdotes give an interesting insight into a successful lifestyle from the pros, and others beneficial tips and advice backed by science to support optimum performance. I also really liked the addition of extra content links to articles, books and ted talks, as they really consolidated the points from the professionals….I feel very lucky to have been selected to take part in it! Thank you.”

Samantha McIver (studying within the Brighton Business School)

“The programme is brilliant! I completed the final quiz today so I believe I am finished!  I am absolutely honoured to have access to all of these clips, I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process! I have learnt so much and honestly feel like the information is simply invaluable. The simplicity and shortness of the videos make it easy to take in and retain, just ideal! I will take advantage of having access until March and wish it would never expire! Thank you so much!”

Sana Jaan (studying within the Brighton & Sussex Medical School)

“The programme has been very insightful and motivational. It has really made me think more outside the box. Ever since completing the quizzes and watching the video, I have started to implement what I learnt into my daily routine.”

Charlie Barker (studying within the School of Health Sciences)

“Having finished the core programme, I’ve found the whole process informative and useful in strengthening a growth mindset. I’m also enjoying the varied insight videos. Fingers crossed for the £10,000 prize…Thank you for the opportunity.”

Nasko Kondakov (studying within the School of Architecture and Design)

It’s been a while since I’ve felt so excited about learning something, so it is definitely a welcome part of my daily schedule. I’ve managed to fit in times throughout the day to focus on the programme, and really, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the chance to be part of it. All my notes, all the new knowledge I’ve accumulated, this will help me in the future. It will push me to make some little changes to my daily routine, but they will be the ones that will make me develop better as a successful person.”

Aimee Myles • February 22, 2021

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