University of Brighton Alumni Association

Picture of Prayaag Pandya

Construction Site Manager part of award-winning team with a love for Brighton

Meet Prayaag Pandya, a Construction Management graduate whose professional journey is rooted in his education at the University of Brighton.

Mario Vattakunnel

Combination of degree and societies shaped both my university experience and me

Aeronautical Engineering graduate Mario Vattakunnel shares how his time at the University of Brighton directly impacted his career and the person he is today.

Picture of Joel Wallace Erabu

Importance of community spirit at Brighton and beyond

Architecture graduate Joel Wallace Erabu shares how his experience at the University of Brighton has led him to help disadvantaged communities and inspire the next generation of architects.

Edzwan Redza Anwar

Proud international Brighton Effect family member celebrates diversity at the university

Civil Engineering alum Edzwan Redza Anwar shares his views on the importance of diversity and tells us more about his work in sustainability with the Islamic Development Bank.

Picture of Ada Nwadigo

Engineering innovator credits Brighton with career trajectory to director of her own company

Ada Nwadigo tells us how multiple factors from her time at University of Brighton and her Civil Engineering degree set her up for success.

Blue graphic with yellow writing that says careers connect and white writing that says Brighton Works

Graduate Jobs Listing – July 2023

Check out the latest edition in our monthly graduate jobs listing aimed at those who have recently finished their degrees!

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