#12brightapps Day four – Timer+

#12brightapps Day four – Timer+

Welcome to Day Four of 12brightapps – our app is Timer+…RefME logo

What is it?

Timer+ is a very simple app that allows you to set-up multiple timers for counting down to zero; it features some fantastically comical sounds.

What can it do?

It does exactly what it says on the box and sometimes that is what you need. This app is very helpful for keeping classroom activities on track, timing sections of a lecture so that they don’t run over and for scheduling in breaks during research periods. The variety of alarm sounds can provide a moment of levity during a classroom session, particularly when debating very serious subjects. Home-life uses include: timing cooking; setting a time for yoga stretches; meditation; steeping tea. The alarm sounds aren’t all silly, “Piano” for example, is very calming and can play once or on a loop when the timer finishes.

Download it now.

  1. Open the App Store, search for ‘Timer+’ and download.
    Timer+ is not available for Android, but here is a similar free (and ad-free app) Stopwatch & Timer (made by Jupiterapps based in the UK). Please note: that a number of the android timer apps do not have sound privacy policies, take care when choosing apps to install.
  2. Once installed, launch Timer+ and tap the “+” on the top-left to create your first timer!

10 Minute Task:

You are planning seasonal festivities for a day when you will entertain friends and family in your home.

Remember some tasks can take place simultaneously because Timer+ can run more than one active timer at once.

Amongst your plans are:

Task Approx time
Cooking a Turkey, Haggis or Nutloaf (or your choice) 4hr/2hr/1.5hr
Prepare an appetiser 30mins
Eating the appetiser 30mins
Eating the main course 1hr
Heating pre-made custard for desert, but making sure that you don’t get a burnt crust 15mins
Eating the desert 30mins
Playing a game of charades, but making sure that it doesn’t go on for too long as Uncle Bertie may become too competitive 45mins

Your challenge should you choose to accept it is to set timers for the events above. What time do you need to start cooking/preparing so that you be finished before the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special at 6:15pm?

And Finally…

What’s a cross between a Jaffa Cake and a slug?

Jaffa the Hut

(I take full responsibility for this joke)


Discussion Board and/or Twitter

Tell us what time you will need to start cooking in order to be finished in time for the Christmas Special? We’d love to know what you choose to cook as that will, of course, affect your timings.

How do you think you might make use of Timer+ in real life?


Further Task(s)

Try out a few different sounds. Any favourites? I quite like telling students and workshop attendees that I don’t know what the sound will be!

Useful resources

Here is a useful link on How to Manage Time:

Some easy strategies for mindfulness and productivity (lots of opportunities to use Timer+ here): http://www.wikihow.com/Manage-Your-Time

3 thoughts on “#12brightapps Day four – Timer+

  1. Had forgotten this was already on my ipad but cant have ever opened it as I usually use the simple one in Clock – I hadn’t realised you could set multiple timers. So thanks for that and I can see it wd be useful in teaching sessions – im worlds worst timekeeper. My xmas timetable gets written up on the kitchen whiteboard once the turkey is in the oven so I know when its likely to be ready – but I might use Timer+ this year just for the comedy value!

  2. re the task – assuming no extra time for resting the bird, making gravy, veg, perfect roast potatoes etc (let alone opening presents, drinking wine, entertaining the grandchildren….) –
    11.45 Bird in oven,
    2.45 prep appetiser,
    3.15 eat appetiser
    3.45 serve main
    4.45 heat custard (really? 15 mins? whats wrong with microwave?)
    5.00 east dessert
    5.30 start game of charades, get uncle bertie drunk so he passes out and doesn’t talk through..
    6.15 …Strictly – phew!

    • Pauline, I think you should include all of those things… Gravy is very important, and needs it’s own time. 😉

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