12-apps-buttonThe Twelve Apps of Christmas is a short on-line mini-course using this blog, Twitter and e-mail aimed at academic staff (lecturers, support staff, librarians, etc) but also for anyone interested in using Apps for learning, whether you’re at our institution, or just playing along at home for the fun of it.

Over the twelve days of the programme, we will publish a post here at 10am and send an e-mail (if you’re subscribed), so that you can work through it whenever you have time. Don’t worry if you get a little behind, we’ll be leaving the materials on this blog so you can refer back or catch up.

Each post will contain instructions on a different app, together with suggestions of how to use it with your students or peers, and how it might work effectively for you. Each task should take about 10 minutes, and will help you to experience ways the app can add to your teaching, and/or your students’ learning. If you are playing along on Twitter use the hashtag #12brightapps to connect up with others on the programme. This is meant to be a fun, collaborative and enjoyable experience and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.

If you’ve been an avid player of the #12brightapps of Christmas, and want a chance to win a £10.00 voucher to the ‘store’ of your choice, click here: APP CONTEST