October 7th 2017 #Inktober Day 7 – Pier

October 7th 2017 #Inktober Day 7 – Pier

A bit more time at the weekend, so settled down to try and draw the West Pier. I used some stock photography for inspiration and to try and get the shape of the starlings (sidenote: murmuration is one of my favourite words).

Photo of original Pier drawing

A green Sharpie was the darkest colour I could find and I planned to import into Photoshop to add some background colour so it didn’t matter.

In Photoshop I decided to thicken up the starlings so copied and pasted that section two more times which I think adds to the feel. Got a bit excited with gradient fills on the sky and sea but have nearly captured the feel I was going for. I quite like this one.

Final Pier picture after adding colour in Photoshop