Crafts as Leisure-Based Coping: Craft Makers’ Descriptions of Their Stress-Reducing Activity – Sinikka Hannele Pöllänen

This academic journal explores the idea of using craft to cope with the stresses that come along-side everyday life. This study collects information from 15 creatives aged 27-57 who were suffering with stress from work and non-work environments. To decrease stress levels and negative feelings these ladies chose to participate in craft activities, that, also, provide the participants with feelings of satisfaction, optimism and a platform for those to grow positive relationships and deal with negative feelings. This piece also suggests the leisure activity, craft, is a passive activity that allows for recuperation, thus, allowing for the user to reset stress levels and be ready for the next day of work. Understanding that the idea of coping with stress using craft is something this study aims towards, due to the fact there is currently little conversation based on this topic. Fundamentally the findings from this thesis are based on research gathered from 15 creatives narratives, asking them how they use craft and why.

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