Sketchbook progress.

Having developed an interest in imagery through windows, i have decided to focus on this moving forward.. my work will be a series of illustrations that appear as if the viewer in looking into someones window, breaking down the barrier of privacy and observing people on a day to day basis, at their most alone and vulnerable, and simply doing nothing in particular. i will call the series ‘Sundays with you’, reflecting on my personal time and close relationships, and the peaceful charm of which a ‘pointless’ day comes with.  

Initial experiments/quick process’s/ sketches

I have started to take photographs and collect already existing photographs of subjects that relate to my ideas. These photographs include things like, interesting lighting, peaceful moments, endearing, intimate and atmospheric moments. From these, i have created many small studies, including sketches, paintings and collages, to help me find the path in which i want to take my work down.


project proposal preview:

Insignificant moments. Capturing subtle movements, expressions. Those quiet moments between two people. Oblivious observations. My idea has partly evolved from one of my personal favourite artworks, ‘night windows’ by Edward Hopper. I aim to Observe strangers behaviour as well as my own personal relationships. This derives from my interest in capturing intimate, unique moments and how aesthetically pleasing lighting can contribute to an image and create an atmosphere and mood. I am interested in portraying the subtle complexities in the setting of every day life.


I decided to draw the previous illustration of the man lying on the cold hill’s side, onto my bathroom floor, but just using a white outline so it looks like a crime scene. I started the photoshoot with just the outline on the floor, i then decided to write a powerful quote from the poem next to it.. ‘ This is why i sojourn here ‘, Which is the reader in the poem telling us why he woke up on the cold hill’s side all alone. I then began writing several quotes from the poem with deeper meanings on the bathroom walls in red paint. I’m  not sure if this added to the photograph or not, and feel as if it is not needed.