During week 12, my work was mainly focused around the Fashion Comms pop-up fundraiser workshops. In other words, I spent a large amount of the week planning and organising my workshop (yogi wonderland) alongside other areas such as admin for the events and sourcing equipment. I also went out around Brighton to distribute flyers, which I picked up from Genie printing. During this week I also decorated and cleaned the space in preparation for the first pop up shop. This involved, decorating the space with bunting, lights, hanging decorations alongside the sign writing on the glass windows and putting up the exhibition work on display. On Saturday I also assisted at Sam’s bullet journal workshop for the whole day.

Alongside this, during week 12 I also met with Ruth from Springboard on Monday 11th March. We met to discuss our crowdfunding page, the processes needed to create this and the benefits involved. This page is currently in the process of being created and should be completed by myself by 20th March.

In relation to my FMP, I continued to explore ¬†artists and other references, which influence the generation of my ideas towards my experimentation and final content for my publication. A couple of examples is the book posturing by Holly Hay and the multidisciplinary artist Prue Stent. I am interested in exploring the human body through my key themes of comfort, calm, chaos, nature and more. I wanted to explore artists who use the natural body as a key focal point. I chose to explore Prue’s work because her work often relates to the female body through her hyper sexualised imagery in contrast with the earthly landscapes. I like this connection between the two topics and I feel it relates to my ideas around being close/ in touch with nature in an abstract visual way. I wanted to look into posturing as I felt there was a link to the way the model are posing in the books and my topic of chaos. This is something I would like to explore further in my experimentation. For example, using the human body to create visual chaos.








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