Hayward Gallery – Shape Shifters

I recently visited the Hayward Gallery to see the Shape Shifters exhibition in London.

Space Shifters explores perception and space through the use of sculptures and installations in the exhibition space. The use of certain materials such as glass, polyester resins, stainless steel and engine oil help to engage the viewer provoking them to feel dazzled and disorientated at times.

I particularly enjoyed this exhibition as I was fascinated by the art works and how they can be engaged with by the viewer. In other words, some of the installations allowed you to interact with them, creating sounds. Furthermore, the use of live performances during the viewing added to the involvement of the viewer and the disorientation as they carried around mirrors and reflective objects creating a surreal experience.


Key artists: Anish Kapoor, Josiah McElheny, Daniel Steegmann Mangrane, Alicija Kwade, Helen Pashgian, Fred Eversely, Larry Bell, Richard wilson.


all imagery is my own.

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