Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is a commercial space flight company. In December 2018 they officially reached space, and they are setting in motion the opportunity for people (*cough* rich people *cough*) to have the opportunity to fly into space and back, for £250,000.

The company is by nature, luxury. They haven’t done any commercial flights yet as they are just out of the testing phase, but already have over 700 people signed up, shows that there is a demand for such luxury experiences, even though it could be a relatively boring trip, 90 minutes up and back down again, not like you get to step foot on the Moon or anything 🙁 Still though, I would do it, if I could afford it! 100%. It is still quite an achievement for Virgin to have succeeded in reaching space,  from a engineering stand point.

I look forward to seeing what happens on the commercial flights, what expensive champagne they serve guests, what the staff uniforms look like, and damn, what the consent forms look like! I just finished my fictional consent forms for my project, these were obviously thought out but nowhere near as much as what would be needed for a real life experience like this, sounds like a heath and safety nightmare, think of the risk assessments!!

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