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Kuwait National Day celebrations at UBIC

Our Kuwaiti students at the University of Brighton International College (UBIC) proudly commemorate Kuwait National Day with a lively celebration full of music, food, and passion!

Kuwait National Day falls on 25 February each year, which landed on a Sunday this year. This meant our UBIC students celebrated a day late with us.

UBIC students at national Kuwait day event

What is Kuwait National Day?

Kuwait National Day commemorates the ascension to power of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah in 1950.

He is renowned for his pivotal role in achieving Kuwait’s independence from British rule in 1961, thereby putting an end to its protectorate status.

What does it mean to Kuwaiti students?

It was a great to see so many students come together to honour a day that clearly means so much to them.

First-year pharmacy student at Brighton and UBIC alumni, Naser said: “Kuwait National Day is about getting everyone together.”

The room was filled with native music chosen by the students (who couldn’t resist the occasional sing along), as well as a detailed display made by Naser that included facts about the Kuwait flag.

The green stands for prosperity, fertility and the land; white is for peace, purity and deeds; red is the blood of martyrs who sacrificed for Kuwait’s freedom; the black trapezoid represents the darkness before the independence; the white diamond symbolises hope and the bright future of Kuwait.

UBIC National Kuwait Day displays

The importance of celebrating Kuwait National Day

We spoke to some of the students at the event who were happy to share their thoughts and feelings on how major events like these are.

UBIC medicine student Saoud, who is sponsored to study in the UK by the Kuwait Cultural Office, said: “I feel pride celebrating National Kuwaiti Day, it’s part of me.”

We asked another medicine student at UBIC, Jafar, what does it mean to be celebrating Kuwait National Day here at Brighton?

“It’s a very warm feeling, obviously the celebrations aren’t as big as back home but it’s nice to see the flag and have the food.”

The Kuwait National Day celebration was a huge hit with our UBIC students.

We’re happy to celebrate Kuwait National Day alongside our students and hope everyone had a lovely day!

احتفالات سعيدة للجميع
(Happy celebrations everyone!) 

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Clare Cornwell • February 26, 2024

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