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Five tips for settling into Brighton as an international student

  1. Attend orientation week

Orientation week is an extremely critical week that will help you ease into university. During orientation week, you get to meet your professors, staff members, and classmates. It is essential that you make the most out of this week and get acquainted with your professors since they will assist you later during the course when you require 1-2-1 help or extra support. Furthermore, the most exciting day during orientation week is Fresher’s Fair which I highly recommend. To summarize, you go to a stadium filled with a variety of stands where you can join societies, get freebies, get invited to events, make friends, etc. I made most of my friends during that event as everyone was as excited as I was.

2. Do your research

Although this might sound generic it is vital that you take an extra step and research about anything and everything that would ensure your comfort when you move to the UK. First instance if you have a preference with where your accommodation should be located, take the time to contact different agencies or go online and view the apartments enlisted. If you have a certain lifestyle that keeps you mentally checked in such as going to the gym, find out where the different gyms are located in Brighton. Try to contact various gyms to compare the prices, deals, and facilities offered. If you have a favourite type of cuisine, create a list of restaurants to visit when you arrive. In turn, this will increase your excitement and decrease your nerves.

3. Ensure you sort out all your documents

This may sound boring but it is crucial to ensure that you are living in the UK legally. You would need a BRP among other documents so contact the university’s international team to find out more.

4. Put yourself out there

As an international student, you might be overwhelmed and homesick. Making friends will ease your heightened emotions. As I have mentioned earlier, when attending orientation week you are able to approach your classmates and interact with them. Join societies as it is really easy making friends with people who have similar interests as you. If you keep going to the same places such as the gym, you will make friends there as well since everyone wants to help each other out. Remain positive and reach out to people that may look nervous or timid since everyone just wants to make friends.

5. Create a routine

A routine will help you stay disciplined and aligned with your goals. Moving to a new country can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, if you followed the second tip where you did your research, you are able to construct a routine before stepping foot on Brighton soil. By implementing this step, you are able to stay focused and in control instead of staying at home and watching Netflix all day. Each routine differs from person to person due to the fact that everyone has their own strengths and preferences. Some people are early birds while others are night owls. Construct your routine to fit your strengths and hobbies. Sit down with yourself and evaluate goals. These goals could be personal, academic, career-related, etc.

Shahd Abdulla • July 15, 2021

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  1. Umer Rehman July 17, 2021 - 4:50 pm Reply

    Gret tips, but didn’t get what BRP stand for.

    Any tips about opening up a bank account.

    • Catherine Johnson July 20, 2021 - 11:19 am Reply

      Hi Umer, please see this link for information on BRP. We also have some information on bank accounts available on our website here.

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