Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics

John Bercow: Modern Politics & Democracy

          “This university has been acclaimed for it’s teaching and innovative approach to research, of which the Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics is a stellar example. It is pioneering in choosing to focus on issues of the most pressing urgency.” John Bercow The University of Brighton Centre for Spatial…

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Poster with words Care Architecture and urbanism for a broken planet

CRITICAL CARE: Architecture & Urbanism for a Broken Planet

How architecture and urbanism can help to care for and repair a broken planet: essays and illustrated case studies. Today, architecture and urbanism are capital-centric, speculation-driven, and investment-dominated. Many cannot afford housing. Austerity measures have taken a disastrous toll on public infrastructures. The climate crisis has rendered the planet vulnerable, even uninhabitable. This book offers an…

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Bodies on the move: on screen and in the street

Workshop organised as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival May 29th, Sallis Benney Theatre, 4-7pm Join performance artist Claudia Kappenberg in an investigation into the experience of migration throught film and movement. Responding to audio-visual material, we’ll ask how we might embody modes of migration together, developing patterns of movement that take us beyond the…

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