“This university has been acclaimed for it’s teaching and innovative approach to research, of which the Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics is a stellar example. It is pioneering in choosing to focus on issues of the most pressing urgency.”

John Bercow

The University of Brighton Centre for Spatial Environmental and Cultural Politics (SECP) was delighted to present an event with the Rt. Hon. John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons. The Speaker presented a talk entitled “Modern Politics and Democracy”. Since the EU referendum in 2016 we have witnessed the demise of two Conservative governments, unforeseen schisms in political party lines, and dramatic movements and exchanges across the floor of the House of Commons. Deeply acquainted with the rhythms, logics and complexities of modern government, Mr Bercow has become renowned for transforming parliamentary culture and safeguarding the balance of political power. His talk chimes with SECP’s aims to reconsider the domain of the political, and to forge more democratic visions and collective responses for times of crisis.