MacDonald 'Max' Gill – A Digital Resource


MacDonald (Max) Gill

Out of the Shadows: decorative map posters and visual genius

The following resource, comprising 14 chapters and including images of paintings, prints, tools and other artefacts and ephemera, offers an insight into the life, work and significance of the decorative mapmaker, mural painter, architect, letterer and graphic artist, MacDonald Gill (1884-1947). Section 1 of this resource describes the genesis of a major, pioneering 2011 exhibition of Gill’s work, which took shape through a collaborative project involving Gill’s descendants and staff of the University of Brighton’s Faculty of Arts. This project also generated research and scholarly activity through a Symposium event, also held at the University of Brighton, organised to mark the beginning of the exhibition.

Gill’s work has triggered a great deal of interest, including personal responses and recollections from those who have perhaps seen and admired his painted maps or wind-dials in situ, owned one of his prints or simply been struck by one or more of the many dimensions of this multi-talented artist. If you have a personal account of the influence Gill’s work has had on you, an image or piece of information about him that you think may add to this resource, the University would be delighted to hear from you. 

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