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  1. The idea for the photo shoot came after when my model didnt turn up,and i was stuck in studio on my own ,happen to bump into people that were going to model for me,yet there was one problem ,they were men and i only had dresses. This for some reason reminded me on andy warhol and new romantics movement in 80s -when drag queen look was turned into fashion trend. In the photoshoot i tried to create a sense of playfulness,at times seriousness an ,the model tried to act and feel like a lady to my request aha, I am using color to indicate the mood and atmosphere of the moment-blue stands for comfortable in youre own skin-(to me at least),red -passion,jealousy ,anger and alarm colour,the images are layered in sequences of 3 throughout my sketchbook ,that way i am trying to figure out which final images to choose .

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