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Lesbian Lives 2024 – University of Brighton UK – 22-23 March

The theme for the 2024 Conference is Global Connections: Solidarities, Communities, Networks and Activisms. The conference aims to highlight the ongoing struggles against homophobia, transphobia and misogyny across the globe.

This work takes many forms and is context bound, depending on geography, culture, political climate, histories of mobilization and intersectional aspects of racial and other forms of discrimination and socio-economical lived realities.

Many parts of the world have seen an increasingly prominent backlash against the freedoms and human rights of LGBTQ+ people, not least in the UK where the transgender community is facing ongoing challenges. Despite increased LGBTQ+ visibility and, in places, increased civic rights for some, progress is not a given, and social justice gains are in flux. Reversals or blocking of freedoms and rights call for resistance and invigorated coalitions, solidarities, and activism.

Addressing these themes across disciplines and across academic research, activism and arts, we welcome proposals from academics, scholars, practitioners, students, activists, documentary and filmmakers, writers and artists. 

See the call below:

Proposals are welcomed on (though are by no means limited to) the following:  

  • International LGBTQ+ activism  
  • Solidarity Activism  
  • Social Media Activism and Networks   
  • Visual Activism 
  • Spaces of Activism
  • Connections and Communities
  • Creating Networks and Solidarities
  • Solidarities across Difference
  • The Problems of Solidarities
  • Difference, Division and Solidarities
  • International Friendships
  • Connecting and Disconnecting
  • The Politics of Dis/Connection
  • Anti-oppressive Ethics 
  • Counter Backlash 
  • Care as Activism 
  • Lesbian, bi, queer and trans World-making
  • Diasporic Communities
  • Queer Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • Pragmatism and Radicalism 
  • Homophobia/Transphobia as Colonial Weapons 
  • Decolonial and Anti-Racist Practices
  • International Culture Wars against Queer Lives
  • Global Lesbian Connections and the Digital World
  • Sustainability, Security and Health

The conference organisers welcome proposals for

  • (A) individual papers,
  • (B) panel sessions,
  • (C) round table discussions,
  • (D) workshops

We encourage submissions across all genres, both fact and fiction which align with the conference theme. Lesbian Lives aims to build bridges across disciplines and explore less traditional forms of critical engagement with the politics of solidarity.   

For papers, panels or workshops, please submit proposals of no more than 300 words to our online form by 5 January 2024. We will communicate the selection of proposals by 15 January 2024. If your proposal is selected you will be required to register for the conference at that point at the early bird registration rate.

We offer a sliding scale of conference tickets to make the conference as accessible as possible. Below are the 2024 rates.


Early Bird – Participant / Presenter (Employed) 2 Day

 £                     165.00

Early Bird – Community Member -Participant (unwaged) 2 Day

 £                        55.00

Early Bird – Student rate  2 day (Postgraduate)

 £                        65.00

Early Bird – One day – Participant / Presenter (Employed)   

 £                        85.00

Early Bird – One day Community Member – unwaged       

 £                        45.00

Participant / Presenter (Employed) 2 Day

 £                     175.00

Community Member -Participant (unwaged) 2 Day

 £                        65.00

Student rate  2 day (Postgraduate)

 £                        75.00

One day – Participant / Presenter (Employed)   

 £                        95.00

One day Community Member – unwaged       

 £                        45.00

If you have any questions about your proposal, please email the team