A day of social justice

Third year psychology students recently held a ‘Day of Social Justice’ on our Falmer campus.

Dr Helen Johnson, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, said: ‘The students have put a lot of work into creating displays about issues of social justice which matter to them and help change the world for the better’

Each group of students had a poster display about their chosen issues, topics ranged from mental health, drug awareness, food banks, food waste, male suicide awareness, financial pressures, LGBT discrimination, loneliness of our elderly and raising drug awareness.

Information leaflets from relating organisations were available to pick up, along with variety of petitions, ways to sign up as a volunteer, pledges, thoughts boards, a LGBT human library to share personal experiences, message boards, requests for supporting signatures to deliver to the student union and local MP with a view to changing policies.

Gallery of student social justice campaigns:

Food bank and delivery service
Stress and mental health, reducing stigma


Loneliness of the elderly


LGBT and discrimination


Food wastage
Drug awareness
Financial pressures affecting mental health


Stress and mental illness
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