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Mouhamed Mouhtaseb

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First, we are a group of three members that are responsible about the digital marketing consultants in Brighton, United Kingdom Group members:Mouhamed Mouhtaseb:18800146, Fares Barakat: 18800141,and Ibrahim Alzuwiad: 18800117.We divided our presentation outline by giving each member a topic to do.What each member did in the presentation ,I am responsible about company Background, Customer, Marketplace, Competition and Partners analysis, and Marketing mix.Fares Barakat is responsible about the environmental factors (macro-micro), online value proposition, and Digital channels.Ibrahim Alzuwaid is responsible about the SWOT and PEST factors, Website Analysis and Social media implementation

We choose Trouva as a new emerging company. it is an online platform that sales independent boutiques launched in London in September 2015.


Their Awards

Emerging Retailer of the Year: Retail Week Awards 2019
UK’s Top 5 Startups: TNW Tech5, 2019, 2018, 2017
Future Fifty: Tech Nation
Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups: Wired 2018
Venture Funded Business of the Year: Startup Awards 2017
Hottest E-commerce Startup of the Year: European Startup Awards 2017


Interpretation:We learned many useful things in our classes and teammates in our digital marketing  business project day by day such as trust , responsibilities, good communication with  and  good training programs. Moreover, Trouva has proven it’s ability to compete with other large retailers such as Amazon. Therefore, by 2019 it has risen to reach the top 100 retail companies in the Uk, and was the only marketplace to to end up in the top 10 businesses only. This has proven the hard work which Trouva presents to it’s customers and employees. In addition, the company was proven to be fast in delivery and customer service, which means that they can offer support 24/7 to every customer having issues their order. According to “Startups” trouva has been recognized for it’s achievements as well as attracting customers to it’s website as it’s easy and simple to use. Also, it is now know worldwide by operating in 12 different countries as this has helped them to build momentum. Their co-founder “Mandeep Singh” said” We’re over the moon to have landed position 3 on the startups 100″ which has also proven their ability to continue and grow further.The competition between the rivalries top competitors include LuxDeco, Nuji, Dering Hall and Stadium Goods.


The presentation on the final group assembly, given with the aid of my colleagues, went properly – they used Power Point and I decided to apply it. I decided that an amazing presentation comes from exact making plans and having all of the figures that anybody may request so I spent a long time within the training and I went in feeling assured.

  The most important tips for a successful project are:

putting less on Power Point;
talking more slowly
• Sticking to the limit of time given by my tutor.

I also need to write down the figures in a one of a kind way so they may be understood better.  The teammates advised that I have to do a presentation to numerous of the crew someday in the week in order that I can improve my overall performance.















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