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eGG is the e-journal for undergraduate research in Environment (e), Geography (G) and Geology (G) in the School of Environment and Technology at the University of Brighton. The aim of eGG is to motivate and facilitate undergraduate students to produce innovative, high quality research by disseminating their work through publication. eGG will consider articles in all branches of Geography and Geology as well as Environmental Science, Earth and Ocean Sciences and Archaeology.

Undergraduates submit an article, which is reviewed by a team of postgraduates and academic staff (Editorial Advisory Panel) and monitored by the Editorial Board. This team of postgraduates and academic staff provide constructive feedback, giving students a unique opportunity to reflect upon, and refine, both their research and scholarly skills, with an opportunity for their work to be published. eGG welcomes articles based on undergraduate research, which can be submitted from single or multiple authors. For more details please see the Author Guidelines.

eGG facilitates inquiry-based, research-led learning among undergraduate students, promoting higher student learning outcomes. Undergraduates can also use research published in eGG as evidence within their portfolio and on their curriculum vitae to increase their employability prospects, and to support a path into a career in research.

The Times Higher Education and the Guardian newspapers have written articles concerning the importance of undergraduate research journals (Times article here) and the importance of student learning through research-led teaching (Guardian article here).

eGG provides a project template in order to increase and promote the development of other undergraduate research e-journals both at the University of Brighton and at other national and international universities.

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