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Our vision

Inspiring learners, enriching communities

The University of Brighton’s School of Education is one of the UK’s largest providers of education and training for teachers and other learning and development professionals. Our courses and our research span all phases of learning and development, from the early years through to adult education.

We’ve been educating teachers for more than 100 years and have a permanent teaching and research team of more than 90 experts. At any time we have around 2,500 students registered on courses with the school.

The school is based at the university’s Falmer campus, just outside Brighton, although some of our courses are taught at our Eastbourne campus. Our model of higher education is based on a spirit of enquiry and the active generation of knowledge amongst staff and students, in relation to learning, teaching and research.

Our Vision:

Through shared responsibility and co-constructive relationships, all members of the School of Education are guided by a commitment to:

  • Achieve the highest expectations and standards in education and research
  • Critique theory, policy and practice and work together with students, partners and staff to design, improve, facilitate and evaluate learning experiences
  • Promote creativity, innovation and enterprise across a range of learning processes and contexts, including 21st century technologies
  • Engage with and challenge others  through cooperative, collaborative and collegiate partnerships – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally – through the sharing and development of knowledge and expertise
  • Respect, value and support colleagues and all learners through a commitment to challenging social injustices, inequalities and exclusion.

The teachers we train are:

  • dedicated to implementing effective safeguarding and child protection procedures to promote the welfare of young people, keep them safe and practice in a way that protects them
  • highly committed to their pupils’ learning and progress and ambitious in what they want to help them achieve
  • inquisitive, critically reflective and motivated to keep learning and improving their own practice
  • quick to adapt to different learning contexts and confident to challenge inequalities
  • an asset to the profession, willing to share their knowledge and experience and to collaborate with others
  • well prepared for the realities of teaching, with the confidence, resilience, subject knowledge and skills to be innovative, to take risks and be creative.
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