Head and shoulders portrait of Dr Roxana Cavalcanti

Dr Roxana Cavalcanti, ECR Ambassador

Being an ECR is such an exciting time where you can begin to forge your own way into academia.  It’s full of opportunities to work on some exciting research, collaborate and learn from other academics and share your work across the community.  However, it is also a hugely challenging, competitive environment which can be difficult to navigate.

At Brighton there are so many opportunities and resources for ECRs so if you need help then this is a good place to start!!  You will find news about events and training that take place internally at the University of Brighton and tips about developing your research and your professional profile, both within the academy and beyond.  As part of that, as ECR Ambassador I want to ensure that you have a voice within the university and I really want to hear what you would find useful so if you have ideas then let me or your School representatives know.

ECR Representatives
ECR Ambassador Roxana Cavalcanti
ECR School Reps  

School of Arts and Media – Judith Ricketts

School of Health and Sports Science – Buket Kara

School of Business and Law – Nadia Lonsdale

School of Humanities and Social Science – Kendra Meyer

School of Education – Alison Barnes

School of Architecture, Technology and Engineering – Nikolaos Polatidis

School of Applied Science – Georgios Maniatis



If you identify as ECR, regardless of whether you are part-time, full-time, with a permanent contract, or a fixed-time contract, please send me an email (r.p.cavalcanti@brighton.ac.uk) and let me know if you would like to be part of the ECR network.  You can also keep an eye out for opportunities via the ECR Twitter feed (@ECRBrighton) and at an institutional-level keep an eye on messaging through Staff News and the R&E newsletter.



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