The Centre of Resilience for Social Justice engages locally, nationally and internationally with communities who benefit from shared insight into healthier, more resilient approaches to the lives within them.

Our members have evolved systems, methods and communities of practice that develop resilience against problems and injustices and lead to cooperative support. These projects inform other communities and are all part of an informative network through which we gain and share knowledge of how resilience is brought about, fostered and perpetuated.

Projects that underpin the wider work of the Centre of Resilience for Social Justice

Academic Resilience Approach

Resilient Therapy and the Resilience Framework

The Resilience Forum

Major funded projects from the centre

Resilience Revolution – Blackpool HeadStart

The Imagine Programme

Resilience among young people in a community affected by drought

Resilience projects with special interest groups

Bouncing back-South East coastal communities programme

Building community-university partnerships resilience

Building resilience through community arts practice

Co-designing resilience

Community university partnerships through communities of practice

Cross-cultural investigation of resilience

Developing resilience approaches for school children in Crete

Developing resilience approaches for school children in Germany

Long-term outcomes of preterm birth

Nothing about us without us: civic activities as a mental health intervention

Practitioner resilience

Resilience and recovery

Resilience and young people with learning disabilities

Resilience community of practice – targeted youth service

Resilience of young people facing life challenges in Scotland

Resilience to reoffending

Young people with complex needs and employment opportunities