We are a team of university academics, health and social workers, young people, service users, students, teachers, trainers and parents.

Our University of Brighton academics work co-productively with communities through our Boingboing organisation, developed by service users, parents, young people and practitioners for resilience development and implementation.

It is essential to the Centre of Resilience for Social Justice that our membership extends beyond the university and we think it is important that diverse groups of people be involved in the CRSJ. Our small budget is split so that a third of it is spent on community member participation. Since our inception, we have included students and community members on our management board. Community members working alongside academics are associate members and we really value them. If you are keen to be an associate member of the CRSJ, and want to find out what that entails, please get in touch after having a really good read of our website and that of Boingboing.org.uk. We would love to hear from you.