Ada Hao is a PhD student, performance artist and researcher completing her PhD in digital art practice at the University of Brighton. Ada was born and grew up in China, coming to the UK in 2016 to study Performance at the Royal College of Art. She began her PhD at the University of Brighton in 2018. Here, she talks about being a member of the Centre for Digital Media Cultures Research (CDMC) at the university.

“When I came to the University of Brighton, I was unaware of the Centre for Digital Media Cultures and the wide remit of the centre,” says Ada. “I was keen to take my PhD research and studies towards digital and technical methods of performance, and my supervisor, Professor Paul Sermon, introduced me to the CDMC. It really helped with expanding my areas of study. The seminars, workshops and lectures differed in approach and subject matter from those offered within the School of Art and Media at the university. I found that they related to my areas of interest, but from a different perspective, which enabled me to expand the scope of my work within my PhD.”

“Being part of the CDMC has been extremely helpful in supporting me to push my PhD to its full potential. As well as receiving input from academics from diverse areas of study, the Centre also gave me the financial support to fund my digital performance work, ‘The Best Facial’. I’ve also had the opportunity to speak at symposiums to varied audiences, which has helped my work and ideas to grow. Alongside this there have of course been many opportunities for talking with other post-graduate students at the Centre – sharing, exploring and discovering a multitude of ideas and expertise. Being a member of the Centre for Digital Media Cultures has been a tremendous experience of growth.”

Contact the centre for further information on studying for your PhD with the Centre for Digital Media Cultures.

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