In the Centre for Digital Cultures and Innovation we share a common view, the view that digital design and transformation is:

  • interdisciplinary, requiring creativity, technical skills and social sciences
  • can transform inequalities if we engage proactively with ethical issues and practice ‘end-to-end’ inclusion
  • best achieved by means of collaborative innovation with communities; user groups in human centred design processes and stakeholders in co-design methods

In this blog we shine a spotlight on our member’s work. Our conversations are currently focused around five themes. Cutting across those themes is our shared interest in inclusive practice and digital inequalities.

Our themes are reflected in our events programme and you can find our latest news updates on the blog too.

We work collaboratively with an extensive network of partners from public sector organisations, community and activist groups, artists and arts organizations, to digital industry partners. As the lead member of the BrightonSuperfusion network we hold networking events and offer continuing professional development opportunities.

Our research themes and centre leads are:

For enquiries about joining the centre or becoming part of our partner network at the Centre for Digital Cultures and Innovation please contact by email:

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