Enter an alternate Afrofuturist reality: Lighthouse, Brighton-based arts charity, seeking exhibition invigilation volunteers for “Distorted Constellations” during the Brighton Festival in May

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We are looking for volunteers to invigilate the work and performances at Lighthouse during Brighton Festival, May 1-19 2019. Lighthouse is seeking people who have a interest in immersive and performative work. This will be a great chance to see behind the scenes and learn what it takes to exhibit an immersive multi-sensory work.

Lighthouse is a Brighton-based arts charity specialising in connecting new developments in art, technology, science and society. We provide an accessible programme of training, talks, exhibitions, commissions and education initiatives.

For the 2019 Brighton Festival, Lighthouse is presenting Distorted Constellations which is a multi-sensory exhibition that uses sound, projections and holograms to immerse the audience in the imagined landscape of the artist’s brain. The work is inspired by Ebizie’s rare neurological disorder Visual Snow, which causes visual distortions such as flickering dots, auras and glowing lines.

The audience will experience a mythical version of the disorder, entering an alternate Afrofuturist (a black perspective on the politics and culture of science fiction and technology) reality, inspired by research into the neuroscience of perception and drawing on rituals of African origin. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of performances and public science experiments.

Time commitment:

The exhibition, including install, is running from 29.04.19 to the 19.05.19. We’re looking for volunteers to help out one day per week but can be flexible.

How to apply:

Contact the Active Student Volunteering Service

Tel: 01273 644145
Email: volunteering@brighton.ac.uk
Web: www.brighton.ac.uk/careers/volunteering
Visit: Your nearest Student Centre
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Kat Saunders • 26/04/2019

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