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Thinking about doctoral study in an area related to Design Archives’ resources or staff expertise?

We welcome enquiries about joining the distinctive student cohort currently supervised by Design Archives’ academics whose unique approach integrates design and art historical scholarship, archival and curatorial practice, and professional engagement. In 2010 and 2011 the Design Archives won two AHRC doctoral collaborative awards with the Chartered Society of Designers and the Design Museum. The…

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Liz Bruchet

Curation and the Archive: Entanglements of Discourse and Practice Curatorial practices have been subject to heightened levels of visibility and inquiry in recent decades. Concurrently, cultural commentators have noted a creative, scholarly and cultural turn toward the archive. The archive now represents at once a potential site, resource, subject and metaphor for curation. In parallel,…

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Dora Souza Dias

Representing the graphic design profession on the world stage: a history of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations

Tania Messell

Promoting Industrial Design on the World Stage: The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, 1957-1980

Tom Wilson

Design Strategies and the Representation of the Commonwealth: From Institute to Museum

Louise Dennis

A Matter of Material: Plastics in museums in the 21st century

Jane Shepard

Discourses in Design Education: perspectives on design and the secondary school curriculum, 1988-2012

Jonathan Brown

The retailing, promotion and reception of modern Scandinavian furnishings, 1955-1975, in ten British locations

Leah Armstrong

Designing a Profession: The Structure, Image and Identity of the Design Profession in Britain, 1930-2010

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