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Asher RospiglioisI am a principal lecturer in e-business, digital marketing and management information systems. I have researched and taught at Brighton Business School since 2001 and have developed successful modules in e-commerce, mobile innovations, big data and digital marketing. I have research interests in the history, role and nature of higher education, graduate employability and how graduates might best be served by university as well as e-commerce, digital marketing, big data and digital entrepreneurs

Before joining the University of Brighton I was a project manger at CNet / ZDNet developing commercial e-commerce publishing systems, working with developers across Europe, the USA and Singapore. I had six years at ZDNet and was web master to the a number of properties including PC Magazine, The Computer Channel, IT Week and Gamespot UK, which won the PPAi consumer web site award in 1999.

Away from the Business School I have an excitement about sustainable and low impact living, tipis and fire. I have been keeping the fire in the tipi field at Glastonbury Festival since the early nineties.

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5 thoughts on “about Prince Pericles ‘asher’ Rospigliosi

  1. Good evening

    I have just seen a clip from an interview with you on BBC south-east and wonder if you are the son of my classics master at St Joseph’s College, Beulah Hill, in the 1960s. Our nickname for him was “Spaggers”. I seem to remember that his 2 sons were called Pericles and Saladin. I remember him with affection as someone who introduced colour and some eccentricity (Those bow ties and the long wavy hair which fell across his face when animated) and who absolutely loved his subject. No need to reply if this is out of line.

    Ian Hill, Sussex Square, Brighton

    1. I was at the same school and remember ‘Mr Rospigliosi’ with affection.
      I also remember an Ian Hill coming first in the X-Country
      Adrian Obertelli

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