Anyone can be an artist, and every artist has a different process or technique to writing or producing a song, and it isn’t always consistent for a certain individual.

For example, personally, a lot of the time, I just start writing lyrics based on certain emotions or scenarios in my head, good or bad, without any beat or other inspiration. Sometimes I will just hear another artists song and the lyrics will inspire me or relate to me, and I will begin writing my own.

A lot of the time however, without meaning to, I just automatically create melodies over the piece of music I am listening to, even if the intention is not to sing over that specific track, I can’t seem to help singing or humming melodies that just naturally come to my head.


Today I was feeling quite positive, and sat down with the intention to finish writing a fun romantic song over a beat I was sent to by a close friend of mine and artist, Verbz. I already had the lyrics; ‘you’re a little pri*k sometimes, think you’re slick sometimes’ scribbled down somewhere so I started by just listening to the beat and recording the melodies that came to my head. I find this step of the process easiest…


I then just started to freestyle… I think it is a lot easier to freestyle if you’re singing (more so than rapping or spoken word) because the pace in which you perform those lyrics is often a lot slower. It is also a lot easier to freestyle if you ‘feel’ the lyrics you’re singing or rapping and use the emotions as inspiration, saying whats on your mind… Once I created the melody and had my fun free-styling, I wrote down the lyrics that I was happy with.

Unfortunately I lost my inspiration before finishing the song and begun doodling some abstract faces instead. I only ended up writing the first few verses, but, luckily that is the beauty of this art form…there is so start or finish. There is no time limit to music. You’re are still an artist whether your music is finished or published.



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