Train to teach this September

If you have considered training to teach after graduating in a STEM subject this year, this post is for you…

Train to teach and inspire hundreds of young minds along the way. Start your teaching career on a Maths, Physics or Physics with Maths train to teach course this September.

Tax-free bursaries and prestigious scholarships of up to £30,000 are available while you train as a teacher. The department of Education (DfE) website has additional support available to help you get started…

  • Read these five simple steps to get into teaching
  • Register to attend the next DfE online event on 18 July; which provides specific advice for new STEM graduates like you.

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It’s not just reading dusty textbooks!

The Mathematics courses at Brighton University are a little different to normal Mathematics degrees. It’s not as theory-heavy, which means that we get a lot more time to look at the real life applications of the topics we cover so you’ll fit into the working world straight out of uni much easier.

Even some of the courseworks reflect this hands-on approach to Mathematics; in the second year module Application Statistics 2, a few groups of student conducted the experimental design coursework using paper helicopters. The aim was to determine what aspects of the helicopter granted longer flight time (but come on, who doesn’t want to make paper helicopters for their coursework?!). More information on paper helicopters can be found here.

This is just one example of what makes the Mathematics course here so much more fun compared to other universities. So, apply soon to get your place here!