in the initial development of the films, I had spoken to a student from sound design to organise a collaboration between myself and Bobbie to develop music for the three films I am to produce. However with a lack of response in the last couple of weeks the collaboratin plans have failed and resulted in me having to produce the sound instead.

to prodcue the  sounds for my films I have used a range of websites online that offer royalty free music. This led to having to investigate different licenses that revolve around royalty free sounds. I have made a selection of three vintage records that are all public domain licensed which means that no approval from the artist needs to be obtained, nor does any legalities apply to them and are free to public use for all purposes. This ensures that no copyright legislations are abused.

In the production of the sounds I have also source public domain sound effects such as radio sounds and speaches to add into the films, this helps to create the scene better and gives a better understanding of the narrative. To produce the sounds I have used garage band as they also offer a range of sound loops and different effect presets. The good thing about garage band is also that it allows you to import the film and allocate sounds acording to frame which means I can allign certain sounds in rythm of the visuals.

The screenshots below offer a visual idea of how the sounds are produced and how each clip has to be layered and aligned to the film frames.