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Closing Statment/ Evaluation

For the final major project I have developed a short three film series. In the series I have drawn inspiration from the all-female gang Forty Elephants which has been the key inspiration behind the brand Fortie Label. Fortie Label has… Continue Reading →

Database Building

For the database I have listed a number of creatives that I look at and would like to work with or perhaps to intern for in order to develop my visual style further. The creatives I have listed also tend… Continue Reading →

Box Making

For a physical portfolio I have decided to develop and analogue spinning box which engages the audience with my work. In the progress of developing the box, I have designed the pieces on InDesign and had them cut in black… Continue Reading →

Seduction- Final Film

This is the finalised version of the second installment film,Seduction. Fortie Elephants Fashion Film- Episode 2: Seduction from lauma vitola on Vimeo. Installation No 2 of the Fortie Elephants fashion film series by Lauma Vitola. A series of films inspired… Continue Reading →

The Queen- Final Film

This is the finalised edit of the third installment film, The Queen. Fortie Elephants Fashion Film- Episode 1: The Queen from lauma vitola on Vimeo. Installation No 1 of the Fortie Elephants fashion film series by Lauma Vitola. A series… Continue Reading →

Caught Out- Final Film

This is the finalised version of the third installment film,Caught Out. Fortie Elephants Fashion Film- Episode 3: Caught Out from lauma vitola on Vimeo. Installation No 3 of the Fortie Elephants fashion film series by Lauma Vitola. A series of… Continue Reading →

Business Card Design

In the development of promotional materials, I have also considered the use of a business card. Following my visit to the UoB graduate show last year I was very aware that many students had not bothered with business cards and… Continue Reading →

Boohoo Social Media Award

Having had my tutorial with Jules last week, I was made aware of Jules’ nomination for the Boohoo Social Media award at GFW. For this award I need to develop and submit an instagram page that communicates fashion/ work effectively…. Continue Reading →

Web SEO and Search Engine work

Having set up my website, I am trying to create easy access for the public to discover my work throuhg search engines. Also having googled myself I found that a lot of images with old work had been on top… Continue Reading →

CV Design

In the process of developing promotional materials I have re-designed my CV. Instead of sticking by  a standard word docuemnt file I wanted to develop a creative cv that was professional and demonstarted my layout skills. IN the development of… Continue Reading →

Developing film Strips

In the development of the spinning box I have had to consider the film strips, their size and what I actually what them to show. Initally I had considered in having a frame from each different scene to give the… Continue Reading →

Spinner Box Portfolio

In consideration of how to present my films wihtin a physical portfolio, I have done research on some retro movie viewers. In this I found different designs however these seemed very inticate and difficult and I was hoping ot find… Continue Reading →

Sound Production

in the initial development of the films, I had spoken to a student from sound design to organise a collaboration between myself and Bobbie to develop music for the three films I am to produce. However with a lack of… Continue Reading →

Statement of Intent & Development

Initial Project Research In the previous module of creative research, I began to investigate the areas of fashion film and film in general.  This research took me into view of various directors which include the likes of David Lynch, Harmony… Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes of The Queen Filming

Last week I completed my final day fo filming which was for the Queen film.  This was followed by the test shoot I had done a couple fo weeks before. Due to having done a test shoot beforehand, I was… Continue Reading →

Caught out filming session

Caught out had been the second filming session I had carried out after doing the test shoots for all films. Following the photoshoot I had decided to change the floor to give the set a better feel of depth and… Continue Reading →

Set design change: Caught Out

For the Caught out film I have decided to make some changes to the set design following the test shoot I had completed last week.  After having edited the photographs of this shoot, I was able to see that although… Continue Reading →

Caught Out Photoshoot

Last week I completed the final test shoot for the film Caught Out. From this point, I have been editing photos and placing those into a film story board to be ready for filming this week. The most challenging part… Continue Reading →

Story Boarding

Having completed two photoshoots I can now begin doing some story boards. In the shoots I had initial ideas of the shots I wanted to get however with no idea of how everything would compose together, I left my mind… Continue Reading →

Seduction Photoshoot

This is a collective of images I have edited from the Seduction test shoot on wedensday. From this point forward I will use the images to develop a story board for the film to plan out the scenes and shots… Continue Reading →

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