I have been using this project as an opportunity to understand fashion film deeper through ­­research on films and fashion films in order to gain visual and conceptualised understanding of film. This section covers the initial body of research I need to carry out for an understanding of narrative, story boarding, concepts and visuals which will enhance the developments in my final major project.

In this project I have only developed one short film as a means of experimentation because I don’t feel quite ready yet to start making visual developments. In my final year I really want to broaden my skills in film, sound and narrative development. Therefore I feel that by focusing on research that will enhance my understanding is the key focus at the moment. Once I am able to gain a full understanding of what it may be that I am trying to communicate then I can begin visual experimentation.

Having researched into certain noire and cult films, I have expressed my visual film attraction towards the genre of film that I enjoy and wish to work towards. By addressing these I have been able to already develop an initial style and ideas which can help me develop my own signature style. I feel that by emerging into a creative sector as fashion, it is important to develop a signature style because it is those trademarks that make you recognisable and make you stand out from the vast amount of work that society have already been exposed to.

With the current research, I find that sound and narrative is very important when it comes to film. We look at the likes of Act Da Fool by Harmony Korine, the visuals there aren’t perfect, slightly low quality if anything but they clearly convey the setting and they set the exact mood that the film is trying to portray. Personally I feel that it is the conscious narrative that really ties the whole film together and it is the narrative that enhances the effect of the film. If it were to be muted, you would just see these cult influenced visuals which are strong in what they convey and the style they have been done but the full effect would never be gained without the narrative. In contrast think about the film as a sound clip, I can find myself closing my eyes and blocking out the visuals in front of me to just listen to the stream of consciousness that it presents. The words alone create such effect to what the viewer takes away from the film, it is the purity of entering someone else’s thoughts, understanding what they feel and what they think that really makes you question the idea of being. Most narrative fashion films are quite polite and pristine but in Act Da Fool we hear swear words, a negative outlook on life and things people take for granted, it is that purity that gives it the strength and effect that is has achieved.

It is going from a fashion film as such that inspires me to develop narratives as Act Da Fool. As a person I am so interested in other people, their way of thinking, their experiences and feelings therefore I find streams of consciousness to be a rich and an effective way to communicate a message opposed to a written script. This is why in my final major project I would love to be able to capture a similar effect, I want to make recordings from deep conversations, maybe carry out interviews to understand what the people around me are passionate about, what may upset or disturb them as a capture of inner thoughts.

We live in a society where everything from lifestyles to trends are being sold and advertised to us therefore I feel that commercial products eliminate personality, realism and individuality. I feel that commercial products and films address so many people, yes they target certain markets but in many cases these markets are extensive. This doesn’t allow a personal touch, to build a connection and it loses its authenticity. Look at Lady Shanghai Blue, it is a commercial film but Lynch’s understanding of film and concept just takes the advertising aspect away and you don’t feel like you are watching an advert but a conceptual film. His understanding of film and personal touch has enabled the ability to make Lady Blue Shanghai a creative soulful production.

In this I also look at Blue Velvet, it’s a dark film in regards to its concept, the message and emotions it’s conveying but the way it has been translated through the lens of film is very effective. It is said that Blue Velvet is Lynch’s most personal production and that is so evident through his portrayal of childhood experiences and his ability to convey emotion in the way that he has. As his most personal production, I feel that it is also one of the strongest films he has made and that is purely by emotionally investing himself into it.

By looking at these film makers, I get so inspired. Their approach to film makes me think that there are ways to develop advertorial productions without utterly selling out and becoming commercial and this is what I would like to achieve in my work. I want to be able to achieve this high impact, I want people to look at my work and think ‘yes, this is strong and it’s full of personality and life’.

The more I research into film and fashion film, the more inspired and passionate I find myself to be about the subject and it is this drive that helps me progress further to bring something new to the table. Therefore I have used this project to enhance my understanding, passion and creativity in order to feel ready to start creating in-depth, strong work.